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Jason Mercier Poker Posts

The Spartan Poker Campaign For IOPC Top Over Others

The Spartan Poker has disclosed yet another ‘left-of-center’ marketing campaign in the lead up to India Online Poker Championship 2018. This is the biggest online tournament series in India, the last edition of this tournament saw the participation of over 15,000 players who played  over Rs. 3.5 + Crores in payouts. Now, the edition of 2018 which is going to be played from January 12th-21st this year only aims to raise the bar and this year the target is that the tournament offer over Rs. 6+ Crores guaranteed in payouts.

In India Poker is a new and an emerging market and with a many competitors in the race to win a sizeable audience on social media. The Spartan Poker with their campaign of #BabajiRaiseTheBar has yet again stood out from the rest of the promoters by doing the best poker promotions online.
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Champ Of Poker Wins Monster Chip Purse 829k With A Lucky Flop

The main event of Europe 2017 World Series of Poker (WSOP) is now over and the winner of the bracelet is Marti Roca de Torres from Spain, which, according to “was player, with the least experienced at the final table.”

During the tournament, he does not require much experience with having one key on hand during the game, which is a huge win from Day 3 of the event. Now, let check the details breaking it down.  On day 3 Roca with Jack-10 of spades raises pre-flop with the chip bet of 11,500. On the other hand, his competitor, Ole Schemion, has nothing but a 5 of clubs and 6 of hearts, calls the raise as the big blind, this move of Schemion gave him enough discount to see the flop.
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200 Poker Machines Added To Canberra Casino

There is glad news for all the poker fans of the Canberra Casino.

A new legislation has been tabled by Gordon Ramsay, the Attorney General. The legislation states that the Canberra casino will be having 60 fully automated table games along with the introduction of 200 poker machines.

This is a total contrast to what the clubs have been looking at so far and the introduction of the poker machines has not gone well with the anti-gambling activists as well as the clubs. The gamblers who are interested in playing the poker machines will have to let out beforehand how much amount they are ready to lose over 24 hours. The government has said that this is a mandatory pre-obligation scheme that every poker player needs to follow in the country. The clubs will not have such restrictions and it will only be made strictly for the poker enthusiasts. Continue reading 200 Poker Machines Added To Canberra Casino

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Now PokerStars Could Leave Australia

Pokerstars, the largest poker site of the world could be exiting from Australia in some coming weeks.

At the time of the first quarter earnings call on 12th of May 12, the PokerStars’s parent company Amaya, said that the company will closely and minutely monitoring the situation in Australia. As if now, PokerStars is letting the Australians play games that involve real-money, but the policy could change by this July.

Chief financial officer of the company Daniel Sebag said. “If the legislation that has been proposed by the government is enacted in Australia, then we will block the players in that market,” “According to our current estimate the legislation that has been proposed could be considered in the last of May, and it this will happen then we would block the players in the market of Australia nearly 30 days thereafter.” The parliament of the country approved the rules of online gaming in late March. If the rules will be made the law and enacted, then it would restrict the citizens of the country to play on offshore real-money poker platforms. Continue reading Now PokerStars Could Leave Australia

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Mercier Got Two Awards For His Contribution

Jason Mercier is getting many accolades, cashes and trophies. Eventually, soon he is going to be “very tired and of winning,” as Donald Trump the President of US would say.

The Pro of PokerStars Team got two trophies at the Award show of American Poker on Thursday in Beverly Hills, California.

Now, Mercier can show these honors to the Player of the Year 2016 and also the two bracelets of World Series of Poker he won last summer. On the occasion, Mercier received the award Moment of the Year for his last summer historic performance at the Las Vegas World Series of Poker.

Mercier tweeted a post on his account with the photograph having his wife Natasha with him. The tweet was like this “Winning the ‘Moment of the Year’ award, I extremely honored to me for my WSOP run! Getting 2 awards in one night is certainly a feel good factor.”

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PokerStars In The News

PokerStars does not need any introduction as it is a premier home for different online poker games. The organization goes beyond offering mere games as it is a major sponsor of different live games and tournaments that are held in different parts of the world. However, it all began with the website where it started off with several games on the line for different players. PokerStars distinguished itself by offering constant support to players, ensuring security of deposits and cash outs as well as offering a stable and secure environment for playing games.

With the Spring Championship of Online Poker comes up, known as SCOOP, it is time again to remind all poker fans of what you can find at the site. For those who are new to poker, they can start off by playing for free. That is a great way to start learning the different games of poker. Indeed, the website has been the grounds where many have developed skills at different games and have gone on to become champions in this field. The different poker games to be found on this forum are Badugi, Stud, Omaha, Texas Hold’em and others. One can practice playing games with Play Money as well as start off with real currencies as well.

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