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200 Poker Machines Added To Canberra Casino

There is glad news for all the poker fans of the Canberra Casino.

A new legislation has been tabled by Gordon Ramsay, the Attorney General. The legislation states that the Canberra casino will be having 60 fully automated table games along with the introduction of 200 poker machines.

This is a total contrast to what the clubs have been looking at so far and the introduction of the poker machines has not gone well with the anti-gambling activists as well as the clubs. The gamblers who are interested in playing the poker machines will have to let out beforehand how much amount they are ready to lose over 24 hours. The government has said that this is a mandatory pre-obligation scheme that every poker player needs to follow in the country. The clubs will not have such restrictions and it will only be made strictly for the poker enthusiasts.

The gamblers will get to enjoy $5 a spin when playing on the poker machines in contrast to the $10 spins that they get in the clubs. The casino will have to lose one in three poker machines that it purchases from the clubs. The rule that they will have to forfeit one in four machines when buying from the other clubs does not stand here.

What this means is that the casino will have to invest in 390 poker machines to run the 200 machines and the 60 terminals. This is going to cost the Canberra casino about $6 million. Half of the 200 machines will have to be bought from the small-sized and medium-sized clubs that earn about $4 million from the poker machines.

Ramsay said that the casino was allowed to operate the fully automated table games in order to give people different ways to get themselves engaged. The club will have to part with 0.75% of the profits that they make through the poker machines.

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