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  1. Daniel van Ederen Daniel van Ederen

    sickest setups ever here


    29:44 dat testosterone

  3. BestKrishna BestKrishna

    37:30 just too brutal

  4. berto353 berto353

    wtf 8:28 he plays with JJ’s 10 6 5??????? it should be JJ’s 10 5’s i beat the machine

  5. quesik quesik

    How could Sidel be scared? I guess there’s one hand that can beat him (pocket Aces) but the way the hand played out, it’s hard to put McDonald on Aces.

  6. caessarion caessarion

    even though sidel wins with the bigger boat, he was scared that he could lose. That takes away so much from winning, couple that with that fact that it hurts more to lose, than feels good to win. Winning and losing should be left to childrens games. Humanity is fucked, and we just keep fucken.

  7. pokernuts pokernuts

    shits me how much of a nit Eric is

  8. Dane Endly Dane Endly

    I hate Chino Rheeeem

  9. 91Chacarron 91Chacarron

    aghhh bari bubble boy:)

  10. 91Chacarron 91Chacarron

    J6s utg on the money bubble? i know your sapost to amp it up at that time but J6?

  11. 91Chacarron 91Chacarron

    FK duke/howderer and epic poker! Dan Negreanu ftw!!

  12. 08SunSun08 08SunSun08

    fabrice soulier looks like wolverine

  13. ggnub100 ggnub100

    lol dutch boyd is hilarious he should be a comedian

  14. webo3000 webo3000

    never be broken because this epic was not so epic it was an epic flop

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