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EPT Grand Final is no deterrent to Nosebleed Games says Online Railbird Report

Online poker action tends to slow down when big poker tournaments like the European Tour Grand Final. This week that was not the case, as some of the top known names of poker were holed out in Monaco to participate in EPT11 Monte Carlo could not resist them to taste some of the action.

Online Railbird Report last week published that Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, was among them and he had won a million at the EPT in just one day. This profit of $893,714 enabled him to catch the Leaderboard but he also turned out to be the biggest loser this week.  How did that happen? He lost $864,653 on Full Tilt leaving him with just $29,061 as profit.

Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky, however was the real winner, and he won $691,213 after playing 1157 hands spread over 16 Full Tilt sessions.  He also won on PokerStars a profit of $259,095, playing 35 sessions and 4,000 hands. Sulsky, who is known as the “Sauce123”   won close to a million this week.

The biggest loser of last week, “NoelHayes” dropped $193,675 but got back most of the money after he won $165,307 this week after playing 51 sessions consisting of 9590 hands. BigNittyBanker, on the other hand became the second biggest loser after Blom when he lost $419,950 on Full Tilt after playing in 2,878 hands spread over nine sessions. Sanlker was another big loser with $160,177 in 488 hands and 4 sessions but “natalie724” turned out to be the top grosser of the PokerStar with $135,599 playing 1236 hands in 13 sessions. The high stake ring games at Full Tilt have gone through major changes which you can read in detail at the website.

“NoelHayes” resurged after last week loss of $193,675, and won $320,000, and most of the amount came on Sunday play, when he wiped out the 8-Game tables pot-limit Omaha.

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