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Former Poker Player Alex Jacob employs unorthodox strategy to crush Jeopardy; wins the third time

For the third time Alex Jacob, former poker professional, won Jeopardy and this time on Tuesday night thus registering winnings amounting to $72,200. The most riveting fact about his wins is the methods he employs to win them which were impressive while being dominative.  He has also scored each of his three victories in the Double Jeopardy hence is yet to sweat the final jeopardy round.

How he is managing it? 30 years old Alex uses a successful but unconventional method that uses the game theory to confuse the rivals while allowing him to gamble big and manifold his winnings. After controlling the board, he jumps from category to category and uses a 80s method found by Chuck Forrest to choose the highest value clues.

This unorthodox strategy has two advantages, first by changing the category it intrigues the opponents, and secondly and most significantly it permits to locate Daily Doubles, which is certainly going to extend the distance between you and your two opponents. This usually leads to the panicked rivals giving wrong answers on high-valued clues. Well, Jacob is no alien to gambling and he in his former career as a poker player has won $2.6 million from various poker tournaments.  Presentably he has made the currency trading as his mainstream activity and practices it with the Gelber Group, Chicago.   Interestingly he is not the first one to use conventional methods to win at Jeopardy.

Jacob, who is no stranger to gambling after winning more than $2.6 million in live poker tournaments, now spends his days trading currency at the Gelber Group in Chicago. But he isn’t the first poker enthusiast to employ this unorthodox strategy on Jeopardy. Early in January, 2014, Arthur Chu used such strategy in a game show and won it 11 times while netting $298,200. He also won an additional $100,000, prize for the runner-up at the Tournament of Champions.

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