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  1. william420adam william420adam

    Im a huge fan of his but i dont know about all that celebrating. Maybe he should tone that down a bit. Kinda like showing up your opponent. Other than that awesome call although the frenchy gave up a lot of tell like his over bet on turn then insta shoving the river when the second 8 hit after mercier just called the turn bet with the first 8. Plus he was acting to strong physically, standing up and staring Jason down.

  2. geoptt geoptt

    Hey guys sorry for that english, I was kinda tired, but srsly? Who cares about his nationality?

  3. analihilator analihilator

    @geoptt shut up frog eater

  4. geoptt geoptt

    I don’t get you logic americans. Why do you keep talking about him being french? So he lost just because he’s not american? Daniel Negreanu also isn’t american, but still is one of the best. Get your shit together, he didn’t loose because of his nationality. Most of you wouldn’t even get to that table. Btw: I’m not french.

  5. canan103 canan103

    hundreds an hundreds and hundreds of hands.

  6. Mog087 Mog087

    Great call…That All-In was weird really. When you want to really be called you don’t act like that lol.

  7. whitechocolatedrage whitechocolatedrage

    Why do all millionaires still look like they cant pay for the next meal?

  8. PunaniLicker69 PunaniLicker69


  9. Alberthedog Alberthedog

    es un crack ese hombre , ese call lo hace el y nadie mas.

  10. JaYxSkillz JaYxSkillz

    @Slim01111 yh he went to a club after he won this tournament for drinks and he got in a fight n stabbed outside the club i think

  11. kingofthenoobs kingofthenoobs

    these commentators are the worst. nice call

  12. dinamicday dinamicday


  13. bustosoon bustosoon

    fish always blowup somewhere

  14. doyerblue doyerblue

    Mercier makes me sick. He just sucks out on everyone. He’s the biggest luckbox in the world.

  15. boxajr boxajr

    9+5 for jason mersssssier ..sucker sukataz !

  16. KevinDorner KevinDorner

    Unbelievable call by Mercier. If you know Villian is bluffing it’s easy to see.. his bets are way to high, he’s nervous as hell when he moves all in. Actually he played that hand terribly from the start. But imagine sittng at a final table and making such a call with a rather weak hand.

  17. rankinctu rankinctu

    shmokin dat weed!

  18. Izaak247 Izaak247

    1million tells u can pick on

  19. Slim01111 Slim01111

    I think Mercier got stabbed after this tournament, no joke look it up

  20. futuroleghista futuroleghista

    Mercier call the turn cause he has some outs and could get a rid of koskas,he’s floating in position, after the river pair the 8 is a great call. Koskas is so bad that i would think he’s doing it as a reverse tell with an overpair.

  21. futuroleghista futuroleghista

    Easy call? People that say it’s an easy call would not do that even at a 10$ SnG, and Mercier is playing for a million dollar. This is one of the most incredible call I’ve ever seen!

  22. 1983RWW 1983RWW

    koskas u online geek, so obv

  23. jkilla11789 jkilla11789

    @qwert549 Agreed

  24. qwert549 qwert549

    @jkilla11789 Definitely 🙂 I have no idea what I’d do at a televised table anyways.

  25. jkilla11789 jkilla11789

    @qwert549 u know u have no idea how many time you have folded in similar situations.

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