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  1. julesickdrums julesickdrums

    he looks like he plays poker all night …and stays in narcolepsy mode the whole day …I know because I do that too. Liv is so hot an vivid.

  2. girlie347 girlie347

    @calvillo123 you sound like you are gay yuorself

  3. calvillo123 calvillo123

    @umswagger you are probably gay, you probably dont like pot either, cause you are gay

  4. umswagger umswagger

    I just don’t think Liv is hot. Sorry, dudes. I just don’t see it.

  5. Dbkim92 Dbkim92

    acid is a sick drug bro

  6. nicks1108 nicks1108

    He never folds AK?? Kinda surprising. I know many amateurs agree with him on this, but I def feel that there are times to fold the AK preflop. After seeing my opponents turn over their AA or KK about a thousand times vs my AK has brought me to this conclusion.

  7. J0ban J0ban

    haha he seems so uninterested in everything. somehow thats kinda funny

  8. FaytUzamaki FaytUzamaki

    @Profixi0n he doesnt smoke does he?? haha

  9. ColourboyMarkyboy ColourboyMarkyboy

    I enjoyed this vid

  10. Profixi0n Profixi0n


  11. ganuenen ganuenen

    liv bore couldn’t help but crack a smile and hold back her laughter when jason talks about the ivy room and baller status LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

  12. RitchieEssOfficial RitchieEssOfficial

    he does look a bit stoned, when he did start hanging around with Boeree, her accent kills it lol

  13. mandrew767 mandrew767

    …so stoned xD

  14. Randy1337 Randy1337

    Hehe Jason is cool 🙂

  15. jmbd07 jmbd07

    He looks really high during the interview…

  16. drarara1 drarara1


  17. girlie347 girlie347

    @jtizzle22788 you don’t want someone to pull out your stash of weed and show it to the camera when you’re not paying attention for a few seconds. It would cause him major problems at the WSOP for him

  18. flex2125 flex2125

    hes so fucked up rite now. lucky faggot

  19. neills neills

    lmfao @ the vuvuzela button on video players

  20. mrtubsie mrtubsie

    he got weed there

  21. ukstevey ukstevey


  22. midwestfisherman midwestfisherman

    she’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!

  23. jtizzle22788 jtizzle22788

    whats in the bag?! he got pissed

  24. tph6822 tph6822

    they make a cute couple! <3

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