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  1. Vais000 Vais000

    jason mercier is just perfect…..he is a really good player and he is lucky too……..the best combination for a poker player…..

  2. BoeingPrototype BoeingPrototype

    Both very good players.

  3. sh1tp1e sh1tp1e

    phil laak pwns

  4. pf71019 pf71019

    my god mercier runs good, just dont get how he does it

  5. Haterbc Haterbc


    shes disgusting as fuck dude

  6. funkydankspliff funkydankspliff

    fiilllllltthhhhhyyyy river card

  7. WaspSnG WaspSnG

    @Izaak247 Have you considered how deep they’re playingbefore you made that comment.

  8. danielvandam danielvandam

    Mercier deserved to win the hand so yeah

  9. FatFred2U FatFred2U

    Mercier won the hand but Laak still gets to go home early with Jennifer Tilly.

    Either way Phil wins.

  10. Izaak247 Izaak247

    Terrible call by laak but good thing he called made great tv!

  11. hleo2601 hleo2601

    laak is such a great sport

  12. PBRMafia PBRMafia

    I like both these guys. Neither of them has a huge ego. Phil Laak is obnoxious but that makes the game funner. I dont think anybody would hate playing with Phil. And Jason Mercier just goes out there and does his job,doesnt act like he knows everything and just plays.

  13. Aedis8 Aedis8

    Even the dealer was like: “Woooooow” 🙂

  14. krazyazn208 krazyazn208

    uh i think it was coming LOl

  15. thebucketofsand thebucketofsand

    Farkk .. tough titties phil

  16. rchan0 rchan0

    first time i saw this I really LOLed!
    Phil Laak is such a good sport

  17. SuttonSantiniPaulo SuttonSantiniPaulo

    These guys kick ass

  18. inaheat inaheat


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