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  1. EuropeanSpaceAgency1 EuropeanSpaceAgency1


  2. sunnyboy8644 sunnyboy8644

    @godzac LOL…

  3. smack9923 smack9923

    Meh i doubt top pair would fold judging by how he was reacting.he just got really lucky but still sick

  4. godzac godzac


  5. pilotz32 pilotz32

    Mercier: Don’t call, don’t call, don’t call, please don’t call…..

  6. djsinya djsinya

    @4thwonder Mercier is very aggressive and sometimes makes bad moves.. Look at his hand at the WSOP 2010 against Robert Mizrachi putting Robert All in with 55 against mizrachi’s kingz

  7. billowyenclosur billowyenclosur

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  8. cardmastad cardmastad

    standard play whats so amazing?

  9. ayd1nmo ayd1nmo

    If he 3bet preflop none of this would have happened. nh though

  10. KevinDorner KevinDorner

    Amazing allin-move by Mercier. Extremely risky for sure… on the other hand he knew his opponent would only be able to make the call with a huge hand like a set or at least two pair. And Mercier might have thought, if that guy has such a strong hand he wouldn’t have raised on the turn to keep his opponent in the game and make him pay off with top pair or something. Anyway, incredibly high level those guys are operating on, really impressive.

  11. stinky472 stinky472

    @4thwonder How Mercier was able to polarize Wilf’s range is beyond me. His PF and flop/turn actions didn’t give me any sense that he had AK and didn’t connect on the flop. The board is fairly dry and not particularly threatening or well-suited for a monster bluff. I also wonder about the tournament structure. If they were in a critical spot in the money and Mercier picked up on this, he might have felt he could pull this off against Wilf even on that fairly dry board.

  12. stinky472 stinky472

    @4thwonder Real pros don’t get pot-committed in the sense that you are talking about. The amount of chips one has put into a pot should never affect the decision to call, only the odds. Unless Wilf could put Jason on total air, any pair (the worst better hand Wilf could hope for) still dominates him and gives him insufficient odds to call with only two overcards at the turn. That said, I don’t have an answer to your question about fold equity: how Mercier was able to pick that spot was beyond me

  13. ilovebrandnewcarpets ilovebrandnewcarpets

    @ONEBlackJellyFish No shit. Also, the sun is hot.

  14. ONEBlackJellyFish ONEBlackJellyFish


  15. nybombs nybombs

    @futuroleghista wilf should have 3bet preflop

  16. nybombs nybombs

    @futuroleghista huh what? I don’t think mercier would do the same play with AQ and KQ… if you go all in, you are getting called by better hands and fold by worse hands…

  17. champions20000009 champions20000009


  18. futuroleghista futuroleghista

    Infact was what Wilf did, and I think is big mistake and especially against Mercier and when you have position on him. Anyway ovviously Mercier cannot be sure 100% when shoves. But all the hand make you think Wilf have not an over pair, on flop hearts would be scaring and wilf checks. Ok maybe didnt reraise AQ preflop and hit it on turn. So is only 2 hands: AQ(unlikely) and KQ.

  19. thecureandthecause1 thecureandthecause1

    @futuroleghista he could easily not reraise with any of those hands preflop

  20. futuroleghista futuroleghista

    Wilf did big mistake: didnt reraise preflop AK, so Mercier exclude he has AK, AQ, AA,KK,QQ. On Flop came a J and 2 hearts. He flat Mercier again. He rearaised on turn after e Q come. What the hell Wilf can have? I would exclude a trap with 55-22-JJ cause of the flush draw. Would exclude AJ,KJ,QJ that would reraise on flop or value-bet at river. Only real danger for Mercier is KQ but still have small fold equity and 8/11 outs if called. All other hands have great fold equity.

  21. Lakis2519 Lakis2519

    he just read his hand perfect , he also has the king of hearts in his hand assuring him he ain’t chasing the flush draw and realised he can’t call a 3bet at the time being nad his currnet stack size , not to mention there is always 1 / 6 chance jason hits his ace / 9 on the river

  22. ChadNose ChadNose

    Mercier is just a crazy donkey and Wilf needs to learn not to pressure a crazy donkey with ace high. Easy as cake. He learned the hard way though and lost 350k chips from trying to outplay a maniac.

  23. Izaak247 Izaak247

    How is mercer so good?

  24. jkilla11789 jkilla11789

    bunch of pros on here analyzing the play, what a joke. VNH Jason

  25. JaYxSkillz JaYxSkillz

    jason put him on ACE KING, u can just tell by the way he played it out

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