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Mercier Got Two Awards For His Contribution

Jason Mercier is getting many accolades, cashes and trophies. Eventually, soon he is going to be “very tired and of winning,” as Donald Trump the President of US would say.

The Pro of PokerStars Team got two trophies at the Award show of American Poker on Thursday in Beverly Hills, California.

Now, Mercier can show these honors to the Player of the Year 2016 and also the two bracelets of World Series of Poker he won last summer. On the occasion, Mercier received the award Moment of the Year for his last summer historic performance at the Las Vegas World Series of Poker.

Mercier tweeted a post on his account with the photograph having his wife Natasha with him. The tweet was like this “Winning the ‘Moment of the Year’ award, I extremely honored to me for my WSOP run! Getting 2 awards in one night is certainly a feel good factor.”

Poker production props

The others who also got awards in the event are Mori Eskandani, the poker legend and the founder and producer of Poker PROductions. He got the Lifetime Achievement award. The award was given in the honor of the contribution he made in the industry. While taking the award, he got a standing ovation. However, Mori was not present at the event and the award was taken by somebody else on his behalf.

“It is an amazing honor. I wish I could be there, although after the speech of Kara, I would have been speechless. I forward my special thanks to all the poker players and the jury for making my work so easy.” Eskandani wrote.

On the occasion Cate Hall and David Peters received the trophies Of Player of Year GPI Female and Male award, player of the Year.

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