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  1. RunninMan5K RunninMan5K

    gf = moving on up bro, tap it!!

  2. ogloccness ogloccness

    Jason Mercier is high as fuck and has cotton mouth

  3. MrUndead115 MrUndead115

    That guy with KJ and KQ…. I respect his read, he obv saw felt some weakness but the instacall with KQ was just awful. And shove with KJ not quite accurate as well

  4. KevinDorner KevinDorner

    Jason Mercier is such an outstanding player. How can he always be right in his decisions? Just amazing skills.

  5. SuperTinkerhell SuperTinkerhell

    Sweet ass gf…

  6. Viiolation Viiolation

    n1 girlfriend :O

  7. snupoo snupoo

    class player….

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