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  1. lukessummerguitar lukessummerguitar

    It’s all about position/ betting /stack size, cards are not even secondary…

  2. piplol12345 piplol12345

    @KevinDorner that’s called instict

  3. KevinDorner KevinDorner

    I’ve seen Mercier making countless sick hero calls here on youtube… and they’ve always been good.

  4. CoLLecToR91 CoLLecToR91

    get money, get hot girl
    its the way of life

  5. Graham6762 Graham6762

    That call looked bad to me. Maybe he had a read on him.

  6. WaspSnG WaspSnG

    God, how did he call that?

  7. BobbyNutzzz BobbyNutzzz

    I want to be heads up with his gf

  8. jimbeam455 jimbeam455

    Job title: Jason’s Girlfriend

  9. adairmorgan adairmorgan

    @rchan0 Hahaha i have not! Im gonna go ahead and look her up

  10. rchan0 rchan0

    @adairmorgan all the top poker players have smokin hot ladies have u seen Tom Dwan’s lady?!

  11. Furthermore23 Furthermore23

    @fedeturner why? is heads up and mercier is a good reader think he is a calling station? lol

  12. FerrumMartis FerrumMartis

    @fedeturner yeah except it’s heads up play and its possible to get reads that make calling with any pair perfectly sensible

  13. adairmorgan adairmorgan

    Jason’s the man.. emily is so smokin..

  14. fedeturner fedeturner

    no sense calling station there

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