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Naydenov is a Bulgarian Profession Poker Player

This is a very sharp and a skilled poker player. He plays the game with full of his spirit and full of his concentration. He is popular for his fun loving nature and his well playing skills he has a unique name which is “Iambuddha”. Simeon is deeply in love with the Buddha and always have a smile on his face. He is the first Bulgarian poker player which is sponsored by the professional poker players. He is very much skilled and because of his playing skills and playing techniques he is being sponsored by the stars of the poker game.


When he began with his career in the game he was a very bright star and with more practice and more playing he is now a very skilled and a professional poker player. This player is popularly known for his playing techniques and his winning spirit. He comes to the table with a positive attitude and a winning spirit. He is much satisfied by his earnings but wants to play more poker till the end of his life and achieve more titles and increase his ranks in the game. He has 10421 unique views about him these many people are talking about him and his game. He is very popular player due to his skills in the game. He is very much concerned towards the game. In the Bulgarian all time money list he ranks at the 2nd position. His all time money current rank is at the 933rd position.


This is also a good rank. He is more professional at his country. Seimon ranks at the 918th position in the all time money best ranks. He ranks at the 123rd position in the global poker index. He ranks at the 996th position in the terms of popularity rankings. His total live earnings are $1285949. And his best live cash that he has won $326440.

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