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  1. dubconor dubconor

    @Fileaxx really, tell us a bit more how the tax dealings work in holland

  2. kuja900 kuja900

    @dubconor ur an idiot

  3. dubconor dubconor

    Bit suspicios actually, folding what no one would fold, just at the moment he flops quads

  4. alive2k7 alive2k7

    He should set mine with his aces if he is scared to 3bet and build a big pot, set mine and try to cooler an underset or 2 pairs, and pot control one street if a flush or an obvious str8 comes.
    If the board comes dry he can barrel and win a lot if someone hit hard with a 2 pair hand

  5. vladbcom vladbcom

    WTF! I never expected someone to ever fold AA preflop OMFG! I almost puked all over my keyboard

  6. irishdan2007 irishdan2007

    he knew quads were coming, great fold fishman

  7. moonomatic moonomatic

    @Bimbambinolein I know how to play.
    He still folded to protect his winnings.
    I know it was PL pre-flop so I don’t know why you’re telling me that.
    It is obvious he folded to protect his winnings.
    He’s an amateur who would never see that kind of money in his life so why wouldn’t you fold to protect your profit.
    He was also playing for an NAPT passport which went to the amateur with the highest profit.
    He knew there was a chance he could lose so he folded.
    Yeah the PL thing came into it.

  8. Bimbambinolein Bimbambinolein


    learn to play, if it was NL, he would SHOVE preflop allin, noone would have called, but since its PL, he cant preflop allin, THTAS THE REASON.

  9. moonomatic moonomatic

    @redproject88 I never said I would have done the same thing.
    But he was in a very unique situation.
    He was up 140k, more than he would probably make in a year.
    He had made the decision that he was going to fold every hand in order to save himself from losing any or all of his winnings. That is a smart move in my opinion. He had already done the work and made his money and he was just ensuring he didn’t lose it. Sure aces are the best hand pre-flop, but they are not guaranteed to win, ever.

  10. redproject88 redproject88

    @moonomatic so would you be doing the same then… how the fuck are ye ment to make any money in the game if your willing to fold aces pre flop.. wat hand are you exactly waiting for in holdem

  11. moonomatic moonomatic

    @redproject88 HAHA you are so wrong.
    He was up 140k when this hand happened and that’s why he folded it.
    He didn’t want to lose any of his winnings and he didn’t because he made that fold.
    That fold saved him a lot of money.

  12. moonomatic moonomatic

    @Bimbambinolein No he folded the aces because he was up 140k and didn’t want to lose any of his winnings.
    He folded every hand after he won the big one off Phil Helmuth.

  13. Bimbambinolein Bimbambinolein

    u guys are retarded and know shit.
    this is PL holdem not NL holdem = he cant even reraiseallin preflop. thats why he folded

  14. KevinDorner KevinDorner

    Why…. did he….fold aces…preflop??!!

  15. maaaarty44 maaaarty44


  16. boxajr boxajr

    “he said he would fold every hand of the game” and thats what he did guys he folded it …he knew what he was doing !

  17. redproject88 redproject88

    that is an idiot rite there that folded them aces… there is no way he made any money in this game… and whats the story with phil laks hair

  18. mnsymsilen mnsymsilen

    the guy folding the aces is pure gold like he knew his future and the commentator “UUUUUUUUUUUUOT”

  19. skearo75013 skearo75013

    @astralechoes8927 actually, the rule in that game is that preflop, it’s pot limit, and postflop, it’s no limit.
    Just to avoid having a canoon donking like that.
    Once they make a 2,000$ raise and he’s in profit, it’s 2,000$ of his own money that he manage to earn…so better stop playing stakes that are too high for him


    I do not beleive that he had the mood of loosing the aces but whether he had it or’s unbeleivable to fold pre-flop the pocket aces. The best hand to start in Texas Hold’em! He is a chicken nothing less..!

  21. Fileaxx Fileaxx

    @Graham6762 Tax rates in Holland are about 30% of wins + 55% which is usual for ppl who make like over 100k a year. This, while online poker is illegal, is about the same government robbings over at your place

  22. Graham6762 Graham6762

    @Fileaxx He doesn’t get 120k, after taxes he gets about 50k. The government robs everyone blind so every is destitute. Not sure what the state tax rate is in Arizona but all the taxes combined in New york are 70%.

  23. deesep deesep

    I don’t know why it happens but, when i have AA preflop, raising until heaven, i lose 80% of the times..

  24. Fileaxx Fileaxx

    I would have folded there. No shame in leaving the table with a 120k profit, which is a lifechanging amount of money

  25. JeeRaph JeeRaph

    @astralechoes8927 I really don’t think he wanted any variance to play any part at all. Solid strategy.

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