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Jesse Sylvia : A Smart and Clever Strategist

Jesse Sylvia was born on 26 Feb 1986 in Tisbury, Massachusetts. He was very good poker player. He finished   his high schools and went to California Lutheran University.

There he studied hard to get his degree in math, but he study mostly poker. In the university he found lots of game but he like to play poker and from there he start playing poker. Sylvia was found that his new debit card allows him to play poker online soon his playing every day. Firstly he starts with $50 andget $100 and loss it, again he spend $100 and slowly he built it to $8000 in one night he lost $5,500.

Before six month of graduation he went to meet poker starts and the bankroll he needed to become a professional poker player. He completes his graduation and moved to Boston to complete his passion. Sylvia believes that cash game is the safer investment of his resources and time.  In one Sunday he decided to make carrier in poker. He spent his time to learn more about poker. He plays poker online and gets $50, 00 in one month. After he gets online success he decided to play live game.

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