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Mercier Got Two Awards For His Contribution

Jason Mercier is getting many accolades, cashes and trophies. Eventually, soon he is going to be “very tired and of winning,” as Donald Trump the President of US would say.

The Pro of PokerStars Team got two trophies at the Award show of American Poker on Thursday in Beverly Hills, California.

Now, Mercier can show these honors to the Player of the Year 2016 and also the two bracelets of World Series of Poker he won last summer. On the occasion, Mercier received the award Moment of the Year for his last summer historic performance at the Las Vegas World Series of Poker.

Mercier tweeted a post on his account with the photograph having his wife Natasha with him. The tweet was like this “Winning the ‘Moment of the Year’ award, I extremely honored to me for my WSOP run! Getting 2 awards in one night is certainly a feel good factor.”

Poker production props Continue reading Mercier Got Two Awards For His Contribution

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Zachary Smiley And WPT

The WPT Maryland main event was recently concluded. Zachary Smiley was the champion of the main event.

It is known that the final table in poker tournament with short stacks might not offer a pleasant ending. However, Zachary Smiley was able to get himself happy as he was able to come out with flying colors from the World Poker Tour championship event. The Main Event was hosted at the Maryland Live casino in Hanover. At the time Smiley was only with 1.255 million in chips. He was competing with Cate Hall, who had also been part of the final table in 2015. At the beginning, it seemed that Cate Hall would keep up the leading position.

There were quite a few possible candidates by the afternoon session. For the first elimination to occur, it took quite a while. By the time Hand 73 came by Belz had a raise that Hall used, this opportunity offered Belz a chance to knock off another opponent. Hall ended up in sixth position after which the opportunities opened up in the tournament round. Smiley benefited after that when Zamani was eliminated. Continue reading Zachary Smiley And WPT

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Hollywood Poker Open Toledo starts on Friday

The Hollywood Poker Open Season 4 is going on quite well, and this forthcoming weekend marks the 2nd Regional Main Event of the year as the tour has now entered Toledo, in Ohio.

hollywood poker

The US$ 1115 Main Event started on Friday at 11:15 am and contains a US$ 150000 guaranteed prize kitty. As usual, tour ambassador as well as World Series of Poker Main Event 2003 champ Chris Moneymaker would be in the there.
If the attendance is anything like the previous last season, the guarantee must be easily moderated as 288 players came in an event which saw 6 players chop up the prize kitty late on the second day with local poker player Charles Maxcy taking US$ 37465 and a US$ 2500 seat to the season-finishing HPO Championship in Las Vegas. Continue reading Hollywood Poker Open Toledo starts on Friday

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Martin Jacobson Documentary trailer depicting his run to the World Series of Poker Main Event released

Many of them said that he is too quiet and meek to be the ambassador of the online poker game.

They did not even give him a chance as he was languishing at the bottom of the chip’s table. But he rose to the occasion and beat two fellow Europeans in the last table to clinch the crown
His raise to fame was phenomenon in 2014 and Martin Jacobson was on top of the field consisting 6,683 poker players from across the world. Eventually he won the top prize of $10 million in the World Series of Poker Main Event. He wore a tight fitting black t-shirt and two patches at the final table, one belonged to the sponsor, Natural Stacks, a company that promotes natural supplements and motivated to extract maximum performance while making zero concessions.
Well, it was not easy for the champ and Jacobson achieving the feat of climbing the Mount Everest of Poker championships is no small feat and going in to the last table he really had to work hard.   Jacobson lived up to the expectation of his sponsor and its message “optimal performance, zero compromise” starting from the time he arrived at the November Nine in July  14 and to November 10 , till the cards were on air.

Continue reading Martin Jacobson Documentary trailer depicting his run to the World Series of Poker Main Event released

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EPT Grand Final is no deterrent to Nosebleed Games says Online Railbird Report

Online poker action tends to slow down when big poker tournaments like the European Tour Grand Final. This week that was not the case, as some of the top known names of poker were holed out in Monaco to participate in EPT11 Monte Carlo could not resist them to taste some of the action.

Online Railbird Report last week published that Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, was among them and he had won a million at the EPT in just one day. This profit of $893,714 enabled him to catch the Leaderboard but he also turned out to be the biggest loser this week.  How did that happen? He lost $864,653 on Full Tilt leaving him with just $29,061 as profit.

Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky, however was the real winner, and he won $691,213 after playing 1157 hands spread over 16 Full Tilt sessions.  He also won on PokerStars a profit of $259,095, playing 35 sessions and 4,000 hands. Sulsky, who is known as the “Sauce123”   won close to a million this week.

The biggest loser of last week, “NoelHayes” dropped $193,675 but got back most of the money after he won $165,307 this week after playing 51 sessions consisting of 9590 hands. BigNittyBanker, on the other hand became the second biggest loser after Blom when he lost $419,950 on Full Tilt after playing in 2,878 hands spread over nine sessions. Sanlker was another big loser with $160,177 in 488 hands and 4 sessions but “natalie724” turned out to be the top grosser of the PokerStar with $135,599 playing 1236 hands in 13 sessions. The high stake ring games at Full Tilt have gone through major changes which you can read in detail at the website. Continue reading EPT Grand Final is no deterrent to Nosebleed Games says Online Railbird Report

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Former Poker Player Alex Jacob employs unorthodox strategy to crush Jeopardy; wins the third time

For the third time Alex Jacob, former poker professional, won Jeopardy and this time on Tuesday night thus registering winnings amounting to $72,200. The most riveting fact about his wins is the methods he employs to win them which were impressive while being dominative.  He has also scored each of his three victories in the Double Jeopardy hence is yet to sweat the final jeopardy round.

How he is managing it? 30 years old Alex uses a successful but unconventional method that uses the game theory to confuse the rivals while allowing him to gamble big and manifold his winnings. After controlling the board, he jumps from category to category and uses a 80s method found by Chuck Forrest to choose the highest value clues.

This unorthodox strategy has two advantages, first by changing the category it intrigues the opponents, and secondly and most significantly it permits to locate Daily Doubles, which is certainly going to extend the distance between you and your two opponents. This usually leads to the panicked rivals giving wrong answers on high-valued clues. Well, Jacob is no alien to gambling and he in his former career as a poker player has won $2.6 million from various poker tournaments.  Presentably he has made the currency trading as his mainstream activity and practices it with the Gelber Group, Chicago.   Interestingly he is not the first one to use conventional methods to win at Jeopardy. Continue reading Former Poker Player Alex Jacob employs unorthodox strategy to crush Jeopardy; wins the third time

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