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  1. TheAmericanDane TheAmericanDane

    well yeah everyone knows its bad for you especially when smoked in a joint with tobacco which is how its mosty toked in the uk, rather than the US they are more on the blunt front. didn’t really get any side effects except short term paranoia, just knew that i was not doing anything worthwhie while i was smoking, and people woud say well there’s nothing else to do, since i stopped ive done more than i ever did before.

  2. GregSoIs GregSoIs

    surely you must have realised it was bad for you in the first couple of years? What side effects did you get?

  3. TheAmericanDane TheAmericanDane

    no i dont claim to be cool but after smoking it for 9-10 years i do claim to have sufficient enough knowedge about it to know that it’s really not good for you, and i certainly didn’t want to be doing it any more. most will grow out of it its mainly a teenage thing.

  4. GregSoIs GregSoIs

    wow, you’re cool.

  5. PunaniLicker69 PunaniLicker69

    lol this guy makes millions at poker, and can’t even afford an authentic miami heat jersey 

  6. AssyMcNasty AssyMcNasty

    I used to go to school with jason,, he’s always been soooo boring.

  7. reeceyhiggs reeceyhiggs

    @mariof1975  jason mercier a “loser” hahahahhahahahahahahahahah nobhead..

  8. Rowsol84 Rowsol84

    Damn, he has one serious neck beard.

  9. wtfisthisship wtfisthisship

    they still won the series

  10. bfgzed bfgzed

    1:44 but they didnt! *joy*

  11. mariof1975 mariof1975

    nice jersey loser

  12. TheAmericanDane TheAmericanDane

    yeh that would be part of my best life ever except the 3rd part lol had enugh of that shit for a lifetime.

  13. thepezisangry thepezisangry

    i really hate the background music tbh..

  14. sinanyazdia sinanyazdia

    best life ever
    1. play poker and be pretty amazing at it.
    2. win every other torny you play.
    3. get stoned.

  15. Raghy07 Raghy07

    Mercier vs Cheong… Would be interesting…

  16. adamasagex adamasagex


  17. TheAmericanDane TheAmericanDane

    Mercier such a stoner…

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