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Zachary Smiley And WPT

The WPT Maryland main event was recently concluded. Zachary Smiley was the champion of the main event.

It is known that the final table in poker tournament with short stacks might not offer a pleasant ending. However, Zachary Smiley was able to get himself happy as he was able to come out with flying colors from the World Poker Tour championship event. The Main Event was hosted at the Maryland Live casino in Hanover. At the time Smiley was only with 1.255 million in chips. He was competing with Cate Hall, who had also been part of the final table in 2015. At the beginning, it seemed that Cate Hall would keep up the leading position.

There were quite a few possible candidates by the afternoon session. For the first elimination to occur, it took quite a while. By the time Hand 73 came by Belz had a raise that Hall used, this opportunity offered Belz a chance to knock off another opponent. Hall ended up in sixth position after which the opportunities opened up in the tournament round. Smiley benefited after that when Zamani was eliminated.

Belz remained the only player in the tournament. Smiley won by taking the chips away from Belz in a meticulous manner. With that the final hand finished and Zachary was the winner. For those who watched the game, it definitely was an exciting one to watch, given the circumstances. As the outcome was uncertain, that added to the thrill of the tournament. However, that is also what adds to the attraction of such events. With several players varying the final outcome of the game many viewers and even experts were not able to predict the final outcome. Zachary’s win was definitely hard to predict. However, it did come by in the end, which surprised many.

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